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If you want to increase the amount of usable space in your garden, why not install a new patio? Over the years we've worked with many customers to get the best out of their garden with great looking patios.

We're always looking at ways to help our customers, so when it comes to patio installation we try our best to accommodate your every need!

Get the best competitive prices for your new patio by speaking to us directly. Call today to see what we can do for you.

Get the outdoor patio

space you've always wanted

 •  A choice of slabs, brickwork and tiles

 •  Competitive prices

 •  Always looking to get it right for you

 •  With 25 years of experience

From decking, fencing and gates, to driveways and turfing, our landscaping services look to give you the complete service. Follow the links for the best information.

For a free quote on patio installation, please call:

Open up your garden with a new patio

Our patio installation services

How we can help you:

While you're at it, let's tackle the rest of your garden

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